#TIA! This Is The Start!!

This has been a time that can best be described as an oscillatory. After the last few frantic and frenetic weeks, I am finally proud to say that I Am Andela! In truth, it is a huge challenge. The beauty though is that challenges are beautiful (except it is Challenge in Ibadan). As is popularly said, “what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger”.

Week one (or better still, week zero) of my Andela experience has been fun and exciting. I have met people from all levels in the Andela family (it really is a family). On first approach, everyone has made me feel at home. I really couldn’t have made a better choice and I definitely am highly favored. During the course of the week, I have also been introduced to the Andela culture, Learning OKBBs, Learning roadmaps and most importantly myself. I have come to realize that whatever I know is only the beginning of what I can possibly know. Hence, there is no limit to where I can get to and there is no perfect starting point. Just start!!!!

Additionally, I understand that the Andela cause is a huge sacrifice. Andela (the organization) bears a lot of the burden and Andela2 (i.e Me. Recall that I AM ANDELA, right) also a lot of sacrifice. In striving to achieve my goals, I have decided to align with this family with whom there is at least an 80% overlap in goals and mission. To achieve this, I have to be as committed, dedicated, sacrificial, persistent, humble, willing and teachable as possible.

Though there is a lot of pressure is on me to succeed, I know for a fact that it is so because the family only succeeds when each unit succeeds. Thus, this pressure is simply to motivate me to work harder to achieve the desired success.

To achieve this success, I will have to meet certain set targets. These targets include but are not limited to completing 2 group projects and 2 individual projects (checkpoints) within the first three months, learning and mastering at least 50% of the D1 framework, and getting positive reference from facilitators.

In order to surpass this, I have to give this a whole lot . One of the most important things is to realize that this is not a job, neither is it a school. It is a cause set on changing the face, fate and mindset of Africans thereby empowering them to be the best they can be. With this in mind, I therefore am set to give my utmost best to actualize both my individual and the company goals. There will be times I will have to keep late nights, burn the candles, run to cyber-cafes, get to work at 4am (*wink*) or even commute for 6 hours. I will thus have to ensure that I retain and keep growing my growth mindset to push me way-past the finish line.

Finally, I know its not going to be a bed of roses or a walk in the park, but I know that at the very end of it all, it will be worth the wait and sacrifice.

This is ANDELA!



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