TWO different worlds

my favorite love story.

I feel like i am going to tell my children this story one day. I am going to tell them how i met their father, and how i fell in love with him, and how i almost fell out of love with him. i am going to tell them how nobody approved of my decision, and how i cried for nights at a time because i could not wrap my head around what he was doing this is my love story, the best story that has yet happened to me.


that was everyone’s response when i told them that i was going on a date with a guy who was thirty. I will be 23 on Wednesday, but to my family i was still a ten year old barbie loving little girl. Ez and i met online, social media to be exact. We were texting like crazy for the first couple of days, then we started face timing and that was it. on my first date with him, i was so nervous… (LIKE THROWING UP KINNDA NERVOUS) i had NEVER ever experienced a feeling like that before. i can vividly remember picking out my favorite bohemian romper, i remember curling my hair and thinking “ IT LOOKS TOO BIG! MY HAIR LOOKS TOO BIG!” my dad had no idea what to say or what to do. his 22 year old daughter was running through the house having a panic attack all because her hair wasn’t perfect. i can remember my dad looking at me and saying “ you look fine, now go before i change my mind”.


but in our case it was backwards… it was movies and then dinner ( yes i know we are certified bad asses). we went to the drive in which was different and something he hasn’t done since he was a little kid, so i thought this would be fun! it was fun indeed… we watched a funny movie and laughed and told stories about when we were young children, we even got to the embarrassing stories, and let me tell you i won! although the story of him paining a certain part red, and his sister freaking out totally had me crying of laughter. towards the middle of the date, he told me he had a gift for me…

Fairytales do exist, people just stopped believing in them long ago. this little gift is to remind you that this fairytale i share with you is real. -EZ.

i opened a wooden jewelry box, which he made because he knew how much i wanted to be a mermaid. and when i opened the box, pixie dust fell all over me. ( i was in total ahh…yes that was my girly moment) in the box, was a blue little box and in that blue little box was a bracelet with a heart. i had no idea what to say or how to react. This was such a HUGE gift and i was not used to receiving gifts from guys… like ever! so there i was sitting in the passenger seat of my boyfriends then Honda element in total shock because i was now the rightful owner of a Tiffany & Co. bracelet. from that moment on, i knew this was going to be a different kind of adventure. at this point i would of continued the date and never call him again. but he called me that night and i answered.

“every storm will make you or break you…its all up to you on how well you adjust your sails”

after months of dating,me and Ez finally hit our rock bottom. i didn't think this was suppose to happen. i cried asking why? why is this happening to me? this is not the man i fell in love with. this is not my fairytale. i was mad. mad at him for putting us through this, mad at myself for staying and for crying every fucking night over what was suppose to be this grown ass man.

it took one conversation for everything to sink in!

my aunt gave me the best god dam advice anyone could of possibly given me. she told me “ Mija, listen to him”. that was it. so that night when he called i didn’t ignore it.. i listened. i didn't talk or try to understand what he was saying. i just really listened, and what happened next allowed me to love that man more than i possibly could of.

if you were to ask me where we are now, or how things are going, i would say good. i wouldn’t say great because you never know what is going to happen. relationships are messy, and their amazing and that’s the beauty of it. i cant wait to fight with him. i cant wait to wake up next to him, and to lay my head down next to him. I am so in love with him, and i know that this storm may of passed and we came out of it really strong that does not mean that this wont happen again. after all, life is unpredictable and that’s the way it it should always be!

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