Let me give you gist !

So it was Friday night and we know what Friday night is for . Do not answer that in your own way. It’s anything anyone wants it to be. Work, movies, club or bar, church vigil or just going home but being stuff in the traffic till 10 pm. This wonderful Friday was movies for me.

I decided to go to Silver bird Cinema ,VI in Lagos. Typical me, it’s far from home and a little bit quieter than cinemas closer to my area. Movie choice,hmm. That’s where I messed up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nigerian Movies so because of the time I got there, I decided to go for the Nigerian movie showing at that time instead of just relaxing in the nearby Cafe jeje. Ticket sales lady said the movie was interesting.

When the movie started I was like okay. Story line;blind woman, loving husband, obsessed neighbor. Awesome idea but if you see how they messed it up ehn.

At a point, the blind wife was always playing guitar and she was really not playing anything so as she talked she’d now play. I was sad.

The end was worse.

I can’t even go into details because I gained popcorn and relaxation but enjoying the movie, naaa. And I wish I could get money back.

Next time, I will stick to the really hyped Nigerian movies or just watch what I am sure of.

(if you want to know the name of the movie, guess. Clue: It’s a track on Beyonce’s Lemonade).