The Journey to being Chartered

Delay, patience and completion


Finally completed my ICAN Programme!!

This journey started in 2012. I had a dream to be chartered before graduation from Covenant University. Very ambitious. One thing I’ve learnt from reading about and following great minds is that you should never be scared of having an ambitious goal or dream. It could be intimidating but then again failing at it is so much better than not starting at all.

Well, because of this ambition, I started my ATS Programme. It was tasking because I had to combine reading for my school work and a professional course. Also, given that I was active in school groups, I could not afford to just waste time. This meant spending any spare time in Chapel or in the CDS Building reading for one exam or the other. I got my ATSWA Certification and then had the choice to proceed to the Skills level of my ICAN Programme.

The ability to prioritise and know what is important to you at the moment is key. Everyday, too many things fight for our attention, but a time comes when you decide to weigh your abilities and be realistic about your next course of action.

I decided to focus on getting a first class degree as that was one of my goals too. This was a hard but realistic decision for me because I had to pause my Professional exams. A lot was going on in my final year, project, TTG, Exams,etc.

I graduated in 2016 and decided to complete what I had started so I enrolled for weekend classes during my NYSC for the skills level. At first sitting, I passed all 4 papers but before my results came out, my grandmother who I loved so dearly passed on. After I saw my results, the next normal thing to do was to enroll for the next and final level but I decided to take a break till after the burial.

Never feel bad for giving time to people, things that mean a lot to you.

I decided not to be distracted or move on so quickly because I knew that I’ll still move on at the end of the day. Wanted to give her that final respect by not proceeding with the exams. Actually, I was grieving so hard I couldn’t concentrate on any mentally stimulating exercise. I spent time reflecting, crying, working and helping my family with the burial arrangements.

I wrote my professional level November 2017. I again decided to be ambitious. I chose to write all 5 papers even though I was working which of course had its challenges, limited time to read, waking up early to complete the syllabus and doubts in my ability to ace it. I enrolled for weekend classes and my job role required being on standby weekends. I was blessed with the best team mates ever! They stood in for me at times when I was in classes, they would communicate urgent issues on whatsapp or handle it themselves. I can’t forget how tough it was to get days off to write my exams, but I did, a week and I used it to the best of my ability. I passed 3 papers that diet.

2018, I got a new job that required my working 6 months before writing any professional exams. This meant I had to pause my professional exams for a while and focus on the job at hand. At this point, my friends that started the journey with me had started posting pictures, they had completed the journey. If we are not careful, in the bid to learn from other people’s successes we may fall into the trap of jealousy or maybe not that extreme, but we would begin to think our journeys are the same. Everyone has a different journey, path. Never be pushed to the extent that you won’t be happy when others achieve stuff just because you haven’t.

If you learn nothing during delay periods in your life, then that was certainly a wasted time. I learnt my journey was different, to be happy when others get to their finish line before me and the beautiful art of waiting.

I got another job before 6 months was over and the fears set in. Would I have to wait till another year to complete this? Thank goodness, I didn’t have to. So I enrolled once again for weekend classes. Getting hold of a new job role and trying to finish a professional course was not the easiest thing to do. But like my mum would say, sometimes you just have to do it now because it may never get easier.

And that leads us to this point. I have completed this and in a way I never thought I would. I am happy the delays came with lessons, the failures came with lessons and I was observant enough to pick them up without being carried away by the lag at least not all the time.

For anyone that has started something or about to start, be ambitious! but also be open to learn along the journey because the journey is not all about getting to the destination, it’s also about what we learn as we move.