Who’s your Boss?

Can we have the fans of suits wave their hands in the air wherever they are reading this, you could add a little shout and laugh out loud. Now please try explaining to the people around you that you are normal and you just heard that you got a promotion, in case they are looking at you weird (I heard it works, LOL).

I enjoyed watching this series so much and imagined I was a lawyer even when I was still in School, College of Business, Accounting.

And let us take a moment and appreciate the awesome dresses and corporate gowns of Jessica

Who is your boss? I watched suits and observed so many things asides the dresses, romance and of course the suspense. There was an awesome leadership style in play.

Mike and Harvey

There is nothing (few things are though) as good as having a boss that is ready to give you the opportunity to improve, make mistakes, be creative as well as guide you through tasks and projects.

Most times we have micro managers or people who are too far from their subordinates. Not far as in office spaces but in relating processes and giving constructive criticisms. I can remember a Manager I worked with at my first job as an intern, we were to work for an advertising firm in France and help out with some analysis on a Nigerian firm for investment purposes. Some managers would have left me as I was just an Intern, barely 18 years old then, given me printing and photocopying file arranging jobs but instead he told me to read up advertising firms as well as IAS 18. Wow I felt so involved during the project because I had gotten a background knowledge of the project and I was trusted with Data book compilation. Truth is I was not the best intern but I was involved, he let me in.

As young beginners in the career world, we are hungry for knowledge and opportunities and we also need people who would watch us err and say you know what, that was bad and it sucked but you can be better, read this, practice this, watch this and do not forget to deliver on that project!

Please if you are my boss and reading this, I did not imply over working me Abeg LOL.

You do not need to be an official mentor and arrange events but with your position you can mentor so many people without knowing that you are and also reproduce a better version of you in people.

Mike Ross,Donna worked with a very strict achiever and they had to step up their game to work with him. He motivated and sometimes got into their personal life when they let him.

Who’s your boss?

(all things in quote are mine, cite me when you use them *inserts smile*)
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