Control your home using only Javascript

francesco marassi
Apr 26, 2017 · 5 min read
NodeMCU, the base component of my Smart Home

Why? There are already plenty of solutions on the internet.

Progressive Web App

Iper-Cool web app

Node.js server


Pushing the code on my first Sonoff
“_id” : ObjectId(“58e915b7e2ae848bee319642”),
“user” : “464636e0–0587–11e7–84a3-a38b03337b96”,
“type” : “switch”,
“name” : “LED 2”,
“image” : “/assets/star-lights.jpg”,
“users” : [],
“schedules” : [],
“registered” : true,
“uuid” : “ffdedc00–1q7b-11e7-a400–6109474f8f1e”,
“code” : “4838”, //used on first node setup
“state” : {
“open” : false

Everything is Open Source

Next Steps

francesco marassi

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