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Deno 1.0.0 is finally here. Here are some resources that will help you create your first Deno web app.

What is Deno?

Deno is created by Ryan Dahl, that is also the creator of something that you may have heard of… yes, Node.js.

2 years ago, Ryan did a presentation at JSConf called ’10 Things I Regret About Node.js’ where he announced that he was working on Deno, that was going to be a more secure version of Node and without the node_modules folder that bloats your project.

From the website (best domain ever since the Deno mascotte is a Dinosaur), Deno is a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime with secure defaults and a great developer experience. It’s built on V8, Rust, and Tokio.

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Want a project that screams ‘we are super cool’? Here you have something that might help:

So, here you are with your JavaScript project. It may be done, half done, or nowhere near to be done, but it’s yours and you are proud of it. At the same time, you feel like some of your coolness is missing, or else, your cool touch is not quite there yet.

Well, ever thought of some of these JavaScript plugins?

1. ClippyJS

Even if we won’t admit it, we all feel a little bit of nostalgia for the end of the ’90. Everything seemed easier back then, and the world wasn’t a at the verge of a pandemic apocalypse.

But we…

A detailed tutorial on how to install Espruino on ESP32 and rule the IoT world using only JavaScript.

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A few days ago, during a spring cleaning session, I discovered an ESP32 I bought for an old project (but never used), buried in a closet. I’m talking about a microcontroller device which is extremely cheap yet with a lot of great features, like a built-in Wi-Fi module.

Since I’m almost only using JavaScript in these days, I decided to install Espruino on it to be able to control it with a language that I already know and is familiar to me. …

And 3 different ways to make it work

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Let’s face it: since the introduction of the async/await pattern, we have tried to use it everywhere.

Long gone and (almost) forgotten are the days of big chains of javascript callbacks and Promises.resolve: now all the functions starts with an async, even if it won't contain asynchronous code... just in case :)

But some parts of Javascript are not yet ready to work out of the box with this pattern. One of these parts is the .forEach (other methods that don't go together with async/await are .map, .filter and .reduce, …

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Today we are going to create a simple hook that helps me everyday in my React projects, both web and react-native: a hook to make Ajax Calls and that returns the response.

For testing the hook, we are going to build a simple app that will display all the Houses of Game Of Thrones, provided by

To summarise, this is what we are going to do in this article:

  • create a new React Hook
  • this Hook will accept an URL to fetch and a series of options (queries, method and body)
  • this Hook will return an object with the…

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There are some things that I found trivial and a little difficult to do on React Native that are so easy inside a web application; one of these things is handling different environment variables.

It’s normal to have only one environment when you are still developing the app, but when some other users are starting to test it or when you are going to release it you may want to use different URLs for the APIs, like a develop version of the APIs that has access to also new endpoints or a more catch-all logger, and a production-ready version, well…

How many times you committed files on git in an entry phase of a project and only after a while you noticed that the files are useless? (For me: at least 3–4 times every project — damn android builds files on react-native)

Even if you update your .gitignore, the files will continue to be tracked and inside your repository.

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So how you can remove them? Here 3 simple steps to do it:

1. Be sure to have committed all changes

You shouldn’t have any uncommitted files in your working directory. To be sure about that, use

git status

If it returns

nothing to commit, working tree clean

You are ready to go! …

On every React Native project that I was involved, there was always a most-feared moment: checking if your app is running as expected (and as similar as possible to the UIs shared by the designer) on lots of smartphones and iOS/Android version.

By default Expo permits you to load open only one iOS Simulator via the Expo developers tools, but it’s really difficult to check if the layout is working as expected (and to check that the current fix isn’t breaking anything else) when you have only one device open.

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You can always open multiple instances of the iOS Simulator…

How I created a Telegram Bot to tell me how my SaaS was going and started relaxing.🤖

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Some months ago, I launched Stori.

Lots of people started to register, add Instagram Accounts to view and save their stories’ performance.

After 2 days, more than 200 people signed up and somebody bought a subscription.

Everything was great! 🚀

But after some times, I started to think that I haven’t full control of everything: was everything really ok? Were the background scripts working? I realized that I haven’t a way to be warned if something wasn’t right.

I started to visit my db more often (ehmm… maybe every…

Instagram Stories lover? Stori is here for you. 📈 🦄

It’s 2018, and most of us use Stories everyday, and seems like everyone loves these images and videos that will vanish in 24 hours. It’s a great way to describe your day, share something that made us laugh, or also ask our followers some help when we are shopping.

Everything seems great, until you want to analyze the performance of your Stories.

The Problem

So you are an Influencer or Brand, and you want to analyze your Instagram Stories?

Welcome to hell. Well, at least an Analytics Hell.

Instagram released a way for Business Accounts to view insights of every story, but…

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I know, i’m not a big Influencer :(
  • Insight are only available inside the app;
  • There aren’t any aggregated insights (like impressions per…

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