Ambitions and Desire for Success Get Suppressed

Marman Live
So what is the next generation growing on such values going to be like?

In this age of information technologies, many aspects of human life are being automated, facilitated and comforted by innovative technologies. This would have allowed us to have more time and focus on things such as creative work, love, charity, arts etc. Yet the fact is we’re not even close to getting any better.

We’ve stepped into the 21st century with a depressed generation of millennials, failing leadership of “non-strategies” and distorted family values. The ugly coyote is not ugly any more, you can excessively exercise your rights for whatever it is and play a happy life scene on social media though you live a stressed and boring life.

Minecraft, one of my recent scary discoveries. For those who don’t know — according to the official definition, it’s a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. When I first saw it I thought that my son was playing an old game from my childhood with square-shaped pixel-animated graphics. Later I found out it was a new viral thing for kids.

All right, it’s just a game and should not cause any concerns and the fact that I don’t like it does not stop it from being popular.

It does not provide a traditional sense of gaming and competition, there is no specific conception and ideology and the graphics are simply dull. So it encourages no aspiration and ambition to compete and win, it does not provide any ideological or educational value and it does not develop any aesthetic perception and hence desire for design and good look.

So what is the next generation growing on such values going to be like?

Marman Live

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Product Management & Visioning Professional, Team Mentor & Facilitator, Business Analysis Evangelist

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