Nepal Marathon 2016 — Why I signed up.

I have officially signed up for the Nepal International Marathon 2016.

This event is coordinated by Impact Marathon Series; a social business which supports global initiatives and making change on a local level.

So this isn’t just any other race. I feel as though this is a race I need to run. Those who know me will understand that I have a deep empathy for all living things.

As Geography and International Development student, I have studied all manner of geopolitics and global relations and I understand that change is needed. I consider myself a humanitarian and hope one day (after graduation) that I can become involved in the field. There are many vulnerable populations in the world, and it is by communication and understanding that we can build relationships and hope to make the world a better place. I do not by any means wish to simplify the concept of development, or indeed make it seem like there is a clear-cut route through which we can achieve world equality, but I do believe that we have the power to instate change.

I have recently visited the United Nations Offices of Geneva and it is plain to see that the people who work there do incredible work for the international community. It is also up to us as individual actors, to contribute.

Taken during my visit to the UN Offices of Geneva 2015

I also have found a love for running. I feel free. I feel liberated. As Amartya Sen discusses, ‘freedom can be seen as a course of development’. I believe freedom belongs to an individual. I believe that by running, we can discover the power within ourselves. Power to grow, power to encourage and power to think.

As such, I believe that the Nepal International Marathon is something I need to do. It involves five days working with Nepalese people who were affected by the earthquake of 2015. This is in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular goals:
 4. Quality Education
 5. Gender Equality
 6. Clean Water and Sanitation

The Sustainability Goals were released after the end of the Millenium Development Goals, and have been developed to make a positive change within the global community. Here is the UN SDG site for more information on the goals and their purpose.

Although these goals are important, the United Nations need cooperation from across the globe, on all scales-from international to local.

This, is where we come in.
 By committing to this marathon, I aim to use my love of running to make this positive change. To become an actor in the global community and support these global initiatives.

I truly believe in this cause and am delighted to say that I am going to be a part of it.

Originally published at on January 26, 2016 by Sarah Longstaff

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