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Sue Daley, Head of Programme, Cloud, Data, Analytics & AI, TechUK, Tabitha Goldstaub, CognitionX, Zoe Webster, Head of Portfolio, InnovateUK, Eleonora Harwich, Head of Digital and Technological Innovation, Reform, Huma Lodhi, Principal Data Scientist, Direct Line Group

Whether you know you are using Artificial Intelligence, or not, the fact is that this technology is going be embedded, and probably is already embedded, in every part of our lives — and after a day discussing the impact that this has on women not only personally, but professionally, socially, and economically it’s clear we need to be clearer.

Why are women so worried?

Few women are working in Artificial Intelligence. Not only does this make it difficult to represent female views equally, it raises other ethical questions. For example, take the situation where there may be bias within the data used to train an AI. Is it possible that there may be poor representation of female data because it doesn’t exist yet? …

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The ePrivacy Regulation is coming and it’s bigger than the GDPR…

So, you’ve heard about the GDPR…

You think you’ve got the GDPR covered? Data mapping? Check. Privacy notice updated? Check. Data Processing Agreements signed? Check. That’s great to hear, but did you hear, there’s a new kid in town? The GDPR’s bigger brother…

Having recently attended a talk on ePrivacy, led by Chiara Rustici, GDPR analyst and author of several reports on the regulation of the data markets, it’s clear that data protection is becoming the next BIG THING for business.

Meet the ePrivacy Regulation

The ink is not yet dry on this regulation, so we are limited in what we can say, but we can tell you what it aspires to be. On 13 March 2018, the EU Council met to discuss the EU Commission’s original proposal. The EU Parliament amendments to the original Commission draft are already known, but we are now awaiting for a compromise text, which both Parliament and Council can agree on. …

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The GDPR is not just a process thing… It’s a culture thing.

We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection.”

— Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner

All organisations will need to change the way in which they operate to comply with the GDPR, however, many will vary in terms of their greatest areas of risk. A key consideration for all organisations will be how best to ensure data protection becomes a way of doing things, engrained into the culture of the organisation, reducing the risk of breaches from the greatest point of weakness, the human being.

As with any cultural change, it affects individuals, personally. You should begin with abasic awareness of the regulation and then build on this until each and every individual understands what the GDPR means for them.


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