2016, Continued.

Ah, last year. It’s been just three months since the chapter during which I got a dog, got engaged, and moved to San Francisco after ten amazing years in New York City. At work, I had autonomy, flexibility, and confidence in my leadership of a great team at a tech company I believed in. And then, just after I moved into my new apartment, over five years of employment ended abruptly with a re-org layoff. So, to kick-off 2017, I sat down to a multi-course meal of change — most of which I had ordered.

Although that 2016 reflection captures many aspects of my life that I was incredibly proud and appreciative of, it’s missing some career complacency that I began to notice last spring. I wasn’t sure where it came from or what to make of it since I had never been happier, and yet something wasn’t quite right.

I decided to work with a coach in order to explore what I wanted in my life and career. The partnership enabled me to tackle some of the questions that had been swirling around my head:

  • How likely is it that another opportunity will be better when so many important boxes are already checked?
  • What if my current job actually is as good as it gets and I’m unnecessarily obsessing over what’s next?
  • Why isn’t my great job with great people at a great company ultimately fulfilling? Or as fulfilling as it once was?
  • How will I find something better if I don’t know what better really is
  • What happens if “better” doesn’t align with my experience? Or my compensation?
  • What if my idea of a great job isn’t understood or supported by my friends, family, and colleagues?

After a surprisingly short period of time, I recognized how prematurely I had been jumping to conclusions about what was right (or even feasible). It turns out that coaching aligns with my strengths, passion, and values and I’ve been doing it in every role I’ve had for the last ten years, regardless of function or industry.

Now, after several months of developing skills through formal training programs and experience with clients, I’m launching a life and career coaching practice of my own, +MARC. I work with early to mid-career college grads who aren’t feeling particularly fulfilled, despite personal, academic, and/or professional achievements. I’m seeking inspiring, fun, accomplished clients who are ready to make a change.

Support from friends, family, peers, colleagues, and new clients will continue to fuel me and I’m excited to launch my business. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to receive updates from me about this venture. If you know anyone who might be interested in coaching and/or may be ready to tackle meaningful change, please share this post. I’m excited to keep in touch as this path unfolds and would love to hear from you!