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On the 23rd of July 2020, Waves.Exchange team introduced a new way of creating orders on the Waves.Exchange DEX. Orders can now also be placed via the CCXT API, allowing to make orders via a Web Socket based protocol instead of placing orders via ReST.

Apart from the obvious benefits the introduction of the CCXT API brings, like standardizing placing orders on the Waves.Exchange DEX the same way as it could be done to central exchanges like Binance and co., …

To make reasonable decisions regarding entrepreneurial behaviour it is important to take different opinions and evaluations into account. Often there are many opportunities to choose from and a QOC analysis helps to decide which one is the best. The decentralized app QOCRide helps to simplify the process of a QOC analysis.

QOC stands for:

  • Question: In general a lot of questions come up on a daily basis especially when it comes to decisions within a project. The spectrum of those questions is very flexible, they can go from “Which holiday destination will the family choose next year?” to “Which candidate…

Cryptocurrency gateways are a big topic nowadays, since they allow different cryptocurrencies to interact with each other. This is, e.g., important for decentralized exchanges.

What is a cryptocurrency gateway?

Waves allows you to hold and transfer external currencies on its blockchain using a proxy token for each supported coin (currently BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, BCH, Dash and Monero) as well as fiat currencies (EUR, USD, TRY).

How does it work?

The user transfers the original cryptocurrency, e.g. 1 BTC, via a standard transfer to the gateway. The gateway processes the request and sends the user the corresponding amount in the proxy token of the cryptocurrency, e.g., 1 wBTC, on…


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