Here’s Why Your Project Needs a Blockchain Project Manager
Chris Remus

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your spot-on article. Really liked your story-telling on uncomfortable conversations between client and contractor. Again, we’ve all been there… Misalignment of client expectations and contractor output is all too common. Clients have unrealistic business expectations from bleeding edge technology like blockchain and tech-oriented contractors are feeding them because they like to work on the next big technology thing. Working with 0.x versions they realise things are not as smooth as expected and spend lots of time debugging boilerplate, shifting deadlines as a result.

Indeed, you need someone to balance expectation and output, be it a blockchain project manager or, in the ‘agile era’, a product owner having daily stand-ups with developers and reporting back to business. I wonder if there’s a need for a different approach for blockchain projects from a business network and ecosystem perspective?

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