What Marketing should learn from IT

There are some similarities between marketing and IT world. The most important may be that both of them are hyperactive children on which you need to keep your focus at any moment if you don’t want to miss the next big thing! Today, I’m working in a French startup developing a very specific software in a niche market and, even if my job is to build a marketing strategy and create some process to “make it works”, I’m discovering stuffs that developers are using that will definitely find a purpose in any marketing team, in any company.

Here are some examples I wanted to share.

1. Markdown

Markdown is a formatting language as HTML, except that it’s simplified. And when I say simplified, I mean it in a good way. The time saved by using Markdown when creating content is simply gigantic and MD should be implanted on every platform that promote content creation and every blog platform should let the possibility to use it.

Markdown is smart, be like Markdown.

2. Collaborative tools

Too many times in a marketing team, people working on the same subject will have a long and painful process to reunify the work of each people into a final version.

Developers had the same problem, but collaborative development tools solved this issue. GitHub and Gitlab equivalent should be use more often in marketing.

The way it works is easy, you create a project, a branch where you will work, and every people working on it will “commit” the change they want into their own branch. As a manager, you will review any change from any branch, compare with previous versions and merge only the changes you want to keep into your “stable“ branch. Of course, you can also comment and ask for change. And boom, marketing project management done easy.

Gitlab is one of the major software project management tool out there

3. Versioning

Come on, all of us have experienced the “final” version followed by the “final-revised” version and “final-final-definitive” version. Right? Versioning is easier (1.0/1.1/1.2) to understand and you can keep history of modifications, identify easily major changes and small modifications. Combine it with collaborative tools and you will have a very complete solution that cover your project from the beginning to the end.

isn’t that more intuitive that final-def-revised.png?
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