Scar Tissue: Labor Force Participation in the coming decade.

With COVID-19 vaccines already being distributed and unemployment rates having bounced off historic lows, it’s tempting to think that life could return to normal in short order.

While that’s true for many pockets of the economy, the full picture is more complex.

One area that bears careful monitoring is the relatively substantial drop in the labor force participation rate (LFPR) in many countries that occurred in 2020, which points to potential longer-term scarring of the labor market. …

Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem is a paradox related to social-choice that highlights the shortcomings of systems that follow ranked voting. The theorem explains that an explicit sequence of preferences can’t be established while complying with the compulsory standards of a just voting process. Also referred to as the General Impossibility Theorem, the theorem was titled after the famous economist Kenneth J. Arrow.


The theorem explains that a perfect voting procedure is impossible, and an explicit sequence of preferences can’t be established when complying with the compulsory rules and regulations of an unprejudiced voting structure. Kenneth J. …

Author Marc Pickren, CEO OutboundEngine
Author Marc Pickren, CEO OutboundEngine
Author, Marc Pickren

The idea that another person makes you happy is not healthy. The problem is not with you being happy; it’s just as bad if you say that someone else makes you unhappy, or excited, or nervous. Nor is the problem with the other person; everyone needs contact with others. The problem is in the word “make.” It seems so innocuous. If you’ve met someone new and tell your friends “This person makes me so happy!” they know exactly what you mean. …

People turn away from Covid-19 content

I recently was talking with some colleagues about the need to moderate and balance content that is what I call “Covid Crisis Content”. How many businesses that we barely have a relationship with that are telling us that they are “here for us” has reached a point that its become borderline offensive. Its a delicate situation and a struggle because as marketers we want to be respectful of the situation without being disingenuous. We also don’t want to be all doom and gloom as we need positivity. I found a recent study by Brandwatch incredibly on point and seemed to…

The last time the real estate industry was shaken by a global event was in September 2008, the dawn of what became known as the Great Recession.

The global pandemic of 2020 is a little different. It, too, came accompanied by an economic downturn, but unlike in 2008, it also includes social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Those have changed the real estate business in different ways than did the Great Recession. Here’s how a public health crisis affects the real estate industry.

Possible decrease in properties for sale

In early March of 2020, homes newly listed for sale in the…

OutboundEngine 5 Point Plan Homepage.
OutboundEngine 5 Point Plan Homepage.

“Where did everybody go?”

That’s not just something your out-of-touch neighbor said after stepping out of his house this morning. It’s also what small business owners and professionals are saying as we all rapidly adjust to a socially distanced world.

OutboundEngine’s sole mission is helping small businesses stay top of mind with their communities. For that reason, we created a 5-step plan rooted in up to the minute research to help small business owners and professionals focus their budgets and efforts in a world that digitized overnight.

Step 1 — Share content on social, email and online

TV has been…

Why paid search doesn’t work for small businesses.

Small business liberation in the time of social distancing

My name is Marc Pickren, I am CEO of a Social Media Software Company in Austin. At 49 years old, I am not a native to the Internet, I am an immigrant but the Internet has for my 25 year career been the source of my professional experience. Being from Texas, this narrative starts there. However, this isn’t a story rooted in Texas history but rather a story of the same principles that guide all of us. Liberty, fairness and opportunity for all.

Unlike the Northeastern United States, Texas doesn’t have…

Photo by: Nicole De Khors

Busy Professional Looking to Maximize Efficiency with Workouts While Still Making Gains? Tabata is the Answer

Looking for a high-intensity interval training workout that takes less than 20 minutes and keeps improving the body even after you’re done working out? Tabata will become your new best friend. It’s the go-to workout when you need to maximize a small amount time and still get big health benefits. No equipment is necessary, just a willingness to go as hard as you can. Here’s how it works.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

First off, Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (or HIIT)…

A news desk with two reporters
A news desk with two reporters

The Top 5 Informal Fallacies on Cable News

In the age of polarized politics in mainstream media and 24-hour news networks, the battle to keep your eyes on the screen has never been fiercer. News channels on all sides of the political spectrum regularly resort to informal fallacies in their debates to keep viewers engaged and advertisers happy.

Compared to formal fallacies which break rules of logic to reach the desired outcome, informal fallacies can be tricky to identify because the arguments can appear relatively solid to the untrained observer. Arguments with informal fallacies can seem to deliver consistent and…

Customer Intimacy Graphic
Customer Intimacy Graphic

For most of my career, I have valued and delivered operational excellence. I loved to measure everything that could be measured and put processes in place that help a business run the right way. It’s a classic approach to running a business and I’m convinced that’s a big reason I was hired as CEO of OutboundEngine.

But over the past year, I’ve realized something. What I thought I was doing right the whole time was actually me looking at the system in a quantitative light. I can see now that operational excellence built on quantitative data is not enough.


Marc Pickren

CEO of OutboundEngine, Inc. Happiness? Ignore nonsense, talk less, help others, wake up early, no entitlement and be curious.

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