The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear
Caitlin Johnstone

As a total supporter of Sanders, I have to say that this whole thing seems nonsensical. There is NO statutory requirement for the choice of party candidate to be democratic.The whole primary process is a relatively recent development in US history, as nominations used to be completely controlled by party bosses. The real question, to my mind, is whether the DNC is peopled by idiots. The answer appears to be that, in the last election at least, it was. In a society where the number of independent voters is greater than those who state an affiliation to either major party, excluding independents from participating in choosing a candidate is a sure recipe for failure. Ignoring the very high negatives of your chosen candidate is as well, as is misreading the desire of the populace for someone who is not the ultimate insider. I strongly doubt any laws were broken in this process, but think the party itself was gravely wounded by the intransigence of the DNC. People like “SaintHeartwing” below who don’t understand that having many states exclude the better percentage of your likely voters from helping choose the party nominee of COURSE ends up with the favored candidate having more votes are a perfect example of the blindness of those currently considered mainstream Democrats.