Hey Berniecrats, You Don’t Need to Destroy the Democratic Party to Launch a Movement
Sasha Stone

While I finally have reached saturation point as far as being willing to read the totality of Ms. Stone’s twaddle, even skimming is enough to point out what nonsense she is peddling. Prominent among the 66 million who voted for Clinton were Sanders supporters who were in agreement with Bernie that there was no choice but to vote for Hillary when Trump was the alternative. As to “Why did Nixon win again in 1972 despite the McGovern movement?” that would be because the USA 45 years ago was a far different place. The entrenched middle class that returned Nixon to the White House have, to a large extent, become an endangered species. The DNC’s apparent lack of acknowledgment of this huge (and largely independent) group of voters is a far more convincing explanation of how a toad like Trump could win: he promised those people that they could have the old America back. He lied, of course, but there was no compelling narrative from the Democrats that countered his nonsense. Sanders offered exactly that.

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