What leakage is there in Angular?
Dmitri Zaitsev

There is not much leakage for sure. I wish this had been a couple months ago! I had some thoughts on this exact point as I was thinking about this at that time.

I would venture to say Angular 2 will be pretty tightened-up since the team saw the need for a completely breaking re-write of the framework. Also, despite leakage I may have thought of back then, Angular is still a much better choice than a lot of options out there and is behind some pretty significant projects.

I think the choice really comes down to specifics of a given project. I often tell people that ask me that there are things for which Angular is the most appropriate tool, and things for which React is the appropriate tool.

I was certainly not trying to imply that Angular is never the right tool or that React is always the right choice. Best to avoid being the subject of the phrase, “To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail”, right :) ?

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