I thought React isn’t following semantic versioning.
Freddy Rangel

You’re right — they’re not following semantic versioning. I don’t know where there is a link for this (just did a fairly exhaustive search for anywhere someone from the team discusses it, but didn’t come up with anything). On my team, it’s been a topic of discussion from time-to-time in recent months.

As an aside, @frangel85 I went to one of your presentations at PubNub a couple months back. It was an intro to React, which I’ve been working with for awhile, but it was to hear you give a talk even though I wasn’t the target audience.

There were some excellent points you made about leakage in React vs. leakage in Angular 1. Granted, this article is specific to Angular 2. Still, I think that is something worth mentioning that was an “a-ha” moment I had from your talk.