Are Ethereum Full Nodes Really Full? An Experiment.

Marc-André Dumas
Apr 12 · 6 min read

Why an archive node?

The myths

Like dough rises to form bread, we cook our full node to transform it into an archive node.

Experimental setup

The unique archive/masternode server that maintains the whole Ethereum network up and running, if we were to believe some.

Phase 1: Syncing the full node

Phase 1: Start syncing the full node, while the archive node is disconnected.

Phase 2: Starting the archive node

--bootnodes enode://nodeid@ --pruning archive  --no-periodic-snapshot --cache-size-db 6000 --cache-size-state 1000

Phase 3: Syncing the archive node


Block progression during archive node sync
Gas processed per second during the archive sync

Final notes

Marc-André Dumas

Written by

Systems Engineer and Blockchain Enthusiast

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