“These are sad drawings”, I said to my scene partner, looking down at my empty hands. Those were my closing words from last week’s improv show. I can’t remember what led me to that, and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I got to that show in the first place.

When I was in primary school, I remember looking forward to improv class. It was an opportunity to be playful and silly with my class mates, and a great way to forget about math and geography. As I got older and focused on my design career, I lost…

I’ve been traveling for the past couple of weeks. On most days, I like to adventure out and explore the city, only to come back for dinner or even later. I’m all for packing light, but, I also like to be prepared. What I put in my backpack can mean the difference between a memorable adventure or a miserable day. Before stepping out for the day, I make sure to pack these;

  1. iPhone.
    Navigation, camera, note pad, translator and much more. A wifi connection is all I need to plan my day and stay connected with the world. …


For most of my life, I called Montreal home. A vibrant cultural scene, seasonal sports and great food made it an awesome place to spend my early 20’s. Like many young professionals, it took me a couple years to really find myself. Realizing Montreal might not be the best place to create the life I envisioned, I moved to Sydney in search of new opportunities, and a warmer climate.

Three years later — now 30 years old — it’s clear I made the right decision. I’ve found a fulfilling job, adventurous friends and a place I’m excited to call home.

Seatbelts on!

This past year I started working at Canva, one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. Coming from an agency background, I expected things to be different. Flexible hours, a bigger team and inspiring offices were some of the obvious changes. Looking back a year later, there’s a few more things that made it all worth it;

The mission

We’re all on this planet for a reason. Some of us know what that reason is, others, not so much. I fall somewhere in the middle. Joining a company that has a clear and powerful mission has given me a renewed sense of purpose. …

As a UI&UX designer, I spend most days designing websites and apps. Lately, I’ve been doing less and less “design” work. More often than not, I find myself digging through research, sending emails, drafting strategy documents, sharing ideas with my team or reviewing designs with engineers. This means I spend a lot of time writing. With words. So many words. More words than I ever anticipated using when I started my design career almost 10 years ago.

We all know how important it is to integrate content strategy and copywriting into our design workflow, and I’ve always considered my role…

Do you remember a time when digital design looked like this?

We called it skeuomorphism. And it was the shit. Most digital interfaces relied on visual metaphors from the real world to communicate function and help users navigate this new digital space. Since then, everything’s changed. Many startups have now emerged as top global companies, all the while revolutionizing traditional industries like travel, news publishing and retail.

“The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s most popular media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most valuable retailer, Alibaba, carries no stock. …

Marc-Antoine Roy

UI/UX designer @Canva — mantoine.ca

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