Do I agree in death penalty?

First of all we all know that if there is a death penalty in our country the number of crimes in our country will decreased, It deters the criminals to do crimes, that is what criminals deserve, and our country will be safe again. But we know also that killing is a sin, right?

“ You shall not kill/murder” (sixth in 10 Commandments of God)

Only God will take our life not us people. So my answer is NO, they deserve to be in jail and suffer on what they did but they dont deserve to be killed and for those people who has been executed even they didn’t done anything and there’s no strong evidence.

For those who is in favor in death penalty, imagine that your parents or any family member is sentenced to death because of a crime that they didn’t did, what is your feeling about that? You know that she/he cant do that but the victim is blaming him/her. They will be killed by the government because they blamed them for something they didn’t do. You know that he/she is innocent.

Keep this in your mind, you’re angry on the people who kill people because you said that killing is wrong, but you want them to be killed?

Let them suffer in jail for lifetime, give them chance to change themselves and realize the mistakes that they did, Let God control their fate not us. We all make mistakes because we’re human but God always forgive us, why can’t we do the same thing on others?