“Growing Old and Love”

Growing old is nature, we cannot hide or go away from growing old. We’re all getting old, and as we grow older we encounter and experience many things in life, We will all die soon. Part of our life is having a family, A wife/husband and kids. We grow older and our looks, It’s not permanent.

I’m afraid of growing old, I dont want to get old. I wish i can live for how many years above 100, I wish i can enjoy my life here on earth forever. But yet our life is not permanent, We’re just borrowing it and we should use it and be happy while we are here on earth. I’m afraid of getting old, I dont want to just sit in a chair and watch those kids playing around, while I’m sitting and cant move. Im afraid of getting old, I dont want to have wrinkles in my head, looks old, and no energy to go somewhere I want to. Im afraid of growing old because that means our time with our loved ones is getting shorter and shorter.

LOVE can trancends all the things here on earth, Love can provide you happiness and fulfillment. Love is unconditional and forever, You can feel true love if that person is special to you, if that person makes your day beautiful, if that person makes your life valuable. It’s not all about things and physical beauty, It’s the feeling that only love can give you and that only person can give you.

It’s not all about the looks, if you truly love that person you will love and accept her/him in your life what matter he/she looks like. It’s not all about physical beauty, It’s the beauty of her heart, I will always love the person with a good personality and attitude. Physical beauty is just a bonus, but the beauty inside that person is more important that is word BEAUTIFUL means to me, And that’s why I love her.

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