Pacific Business Insider = March 16, 2016
Curration and comments by Marc A. Ross

Trump + Clinton win big | Kasich 13/13 in Ohio | China economy | Argentina | “born global”


AP: Clinton sweeps Ohio, Florida; Trump, Kasich split; Rubio out

Bloomberg: Trump wins three states, loses Ohio to Kasich

McClatchy: Now it’s Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination

AFP: Big Trump, Clinton wins bring US election showdown closer

WSJ: Trump wins 3 states, Kasich takes Ohio

FT: Trump defeats Rubio but loses to Kasich

NYT: Trump knocks out Rubio | Clinton takes three states

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Cuba: President Barack Obama sent an unmistakable message to Americans on Tuesday ahead of his historic trip to Havana = Cuba is open for business.

McClatchy: Obama scraps Atlantic offshore drilling plans in major reversal

South Korea, China begin talks to remove non-tariff barriers to trade: Yonhap reports, South Korea and China held their first official round of bilateral talks Wednesday on removing non-tariff barriers to trade as both countries continue to struggle with shrinking exports.

Japan reports Paul Krugman invited to economic panel next week

Attacks test Indonesia anti-terror stance: FT reports, calls for tough crackdown eclipse softer strategy.

Corruption revelations overshadow Lula’s planned return in Brazil: Reuters reports, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s efforts to bolster her government amid a storm of corruption allegations by naming her predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to her cabinet were overshadowed on Tuesday by a barrage of fresh accusations against a minister.

Mexico City curbs cars in first pollution alert since 2002

Argentina coast guard sinks Chinese trawler fishing illegally: Reuters reports, Argentina’s coast guard has sunk a Chinese trawler that was fishing illegally within its territorial waters, the coast guard said on Tuesday, marking a first test for relations between President Mauricio Macri and Beijing.

Someone using official codes stole $100 million from Bangladesh’s New York Fed account

Senior senator launches inquiry on ‘green energy’ grants: Dow Jones reports, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) sent a letter today to the administration questioning how the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service have overseen the grant program and asking for detailed information about how grant money was awarded.

China mixes cash, coercion to ease labor unrest: WSJ reports, a protest by Chinese coal workers over unpaid wages drew a swift response: payoffs or threats of police action.

Chinese police break up coal jobs protest: FT reports, Shuangyashan cordoned off after unpaid workers demonstrate.

China grapples with job cuts and wage gains as congress closes: Bloomberg reports, Jobs have been a top agenda item for Chinese officials gathering in Beijing for the annual National People’s Congress. Another big issue: sluggish wage gains.

China tells foreign firms to brace for bigger competitors: Bloomberg reports, Scouring China’s annual gathering of leaders for clues about business prospects, foreign companies got a clear message: Brace for bigger, stronger local competitors. Reform of the nation’s $18 trillion state sector will focus on making companies “bigger and better” with mergers and acquisitions pivotal, said the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

China-US relations will progress no matter who wins US election — Premier: Reuters reports, China-US relations will continue to develop regardless of who wins the US presidential election in November, China’s Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday. Li, speaking at a news conference at the end of China’s annual meeting of parliament, also said China would increase market access for U.S. investors.

Chart of the Day #1 = China M&A

Interest grows in South America’s “lithium triangle”: Argentina, where the new business-friendly Macri government has begun making sweeping changes in a bid to return the country to economic orthodoxy, has an opportunity to build a vital lithium export business, Reuters reports.

Dow Jones: US says it is in talks with China’s ZTE on trade sanctions

Apple says FBI out to ‘rewrite history’ in iPhone case

Bob Evans talks breakup at analyst conference

Dow Jones: American Airlines and United Continental expand in the Pacific

Groupon notes over 90% of its merchants have 20 or less employees, and that 1/3 are sole proprietors.

Shake Shack’s first store in California opened in West Hollywood

CEOs — economy still performing below its potential: For the fourth quarter in a row, CEO expectations on the economy remain mixed, indicating an economy performing below its potential, according to the Business Roundtable first quarter 2016 CEO Economic Outlook Survey, released today.

Why the best entrepreneurs think globally: Being “born digital” isn’t enough anymore, the best entrepreneurs need to be “born global”, says author and research fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management Michael Schrage. In an article for the Harvard Business Review, Schrage explains that innovators in today’s world don’t “go global”, they start global.

The irrelevant diplomat: Do we need embassies anymore?
Foreign Affairs — Alex Oliver

More companies sponsor performers to boost brands and music industry: WSJ reports, MasterCard is one of a growing number of companies that poured a combined $1.4 billion into the music industry last year to connect with a broadening swath of young consumers.

PlayStation VR will take a bit longer to become reality as Sony delays the launch of the virtual-reality system to October from June.

Indiana Jones returns to theaters in 2019

Manchester City enter the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in their history.

Chart of the Day #2 = NCAA brands March Madness by round

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