What should we do if the president is a liar?
Bernie Sanders

Senator, you’ve written “…we have a president who either lies intentionally or, even more frighteningly, does not know the difference between lies and truth.” It’s not that he doesn’t know the difference between lies and truth; it simply doesn’t matter to him.

In Brian William’s recent 2-hr MSNBC special exploring the relationship between The Illegitimate One and Russia’s Putin, a striking similarity between the two men emerged. The concepts of “right” and “wrong”, “truth” and “lies”, “moral” and “immoral” hold no distinctions and no value for these men. They are irrelevant! The only distinction that matters, that has value, for these two individuals is “winning” and “losing”. The driving force in the lives of these men is to “win” — in any way possible, at any cost, whatever needs to be done. Nothing but “winning” matters at all to them, and that end, to them, totally justifies any means whatsoever.

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