Considering Brexit
Jordan Greenhall

Hi Jordan I think your analysis is spot on. Several years ago it was the Arab Spring (which triggered a new alternative to the traditional power structure) and now this population-level change is no longer just something that most just see on CNN.

Secession can be scary and safety and security are usually top of mind. There’s a similar push in Texas for independence from the states. Similar to how large corporations are now being disrupted by innovative and highly resourceful startups, this is now starting to happen with governments.

Millennials and the next batch out of university don’t care about top-down management nor being just a cog in a huge soulless wheel. We want autonomy and to be able to make an impact and to have a choice and say in matters. Given the opportunity for our younger generation to apply this need to government — why then can’t we choose our own government? Is it too reductio ad absurdum to envision a time not too far away where governments compete for there people instead of people competing for a government?

Perhaps not considering innovative initiatives like the Estonian Express Card and the projects like the Seasteading Institute’s Floating City Project.

There will always be people that want to leave things as they are, that don’t care for change or progress (whether they are a Luddite or not) and equate change with loss of power. But like you say Jeremy there is opportunity in chaos and I don’t mean just shorting the British pound!

I believe what it comes down to is abundance versus scarcity mindset. If you have a scarcity mindset your worldview is one of contraction and lack so you aim to keep and hoard what you have. The world is a single-sized pie and your goal is to grab as much as you possibility can. In short for the scarcity mindset the world is a zero-sum game.

With an abundance mindset there is an ever-growing pie where the slices get larger and larger. There are multiple pies, there are multiple toppings and the pizza oven is sustainable to crank out more. In short this mindset seeks out new opportunities and finds them even in the most dire of situations as they know there is plenty to go around for everyone.

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