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The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly evolving. I believe that we all have the desire to contribute and help others but there is no easy way to find, sort and take advantage of all the amazing and resourceful people that are willing to help devote their time and energy to dampening this crisis.

Until now.

To help people find the resources and relief that they need I’ve created a real-time Google sheet where you can find the latest resources, by category and by geography.

Here you will find everything including free mental health chat services, pro-bono legal and financial counseling, first-come/first-serve $500 relief grants and a list of products and software that are being offered for free or a steep discount. …

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Illustration by David Martin, German artist and designer

A crowdsourced book project powered by people and robots.

Today I’m announcing a new project where we will be writing a book about the future of work.

This will be a story where people from all walks of life get to tell their versions of what they think the future of work will be for them.

Hopes, fears, ideas and inspirations.

From the autoworkers whose jobs are dwindling due to automation to the accountant where software is literally crunching-out their world to freelancer tasks being increasingly mimicked by AI.

If you’re one of my regulars who is familiar with my research and writing on job automation, AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain and crowdsourcing you know where this is going. …


Marc Howard

I build platforms and write about what’s next in tech.

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