Hip Hop, women and love

Hip Hop is violent indeed but most often tells the truth about violence, injustice, and hypocrisy of this world. Of course it has his bad and good parts but we have to recognize that his success is mainly due to the fact that it speaks meaningfully to a large amount of youngsters but not only them. The beat and today the much better incidental or instrumental music that go with the hip hop is also determining. So many are dancing on it without being concerned about the lyrics. In fact that’s the point. Many women are indignant, offended by the way they are considered in the lyrics of a lot of rappers. The image of a bitch, a sexual object only worthy for men’ satisfaction is widespread and all the video clips are showing women accepting, totally engaged in these erotic dancing duos. But I just remind you that long before the rappers, the society let the medias, particularly the advertisement, make the woman an object of desire. It is not a matter of knowing if this representation of the woman is tolerable or not, but rather why it is going on and on. Of course, we mustn’t be blind and rule out that these songs have no impact on some teenagers and adults who by identification to some rappers are taking for granted what they hear or act the same way as their elders. As always, to what our societies give birth, there is its counterpart which correct all kind of excesses. So if we look closer those lyrics I’m talking of, for example the last one of Rihanna (Bitch, better have my money, or Kendrick Lamar, Bitch don’t kill my vibe, or the Notorious Big, Me and my Bitch…) we can see that there is a real conflict, a paradox inside the rappers’ family and even into the songs themselves. The bitch is not always a woman but a man, white or black, a bloody , asshole, boring, tricky, cheaty, a shit guy. When the sexual slang is dominant and directly apply to women so there is no doubt, she is a sexual object but a strong one that doesn’t let the man make a fool of herself, that demands respect and loyalty, that gives love only if a promise of faithfulness. On the other side, rappers recognize that they are nothing without a woman, their bitch, wife. They need love like everyone. Love in fact feeds most of rappers’ inspiration. Majid Jordan expresses so well what love can be and even sometimes rappers’ lyrics overflow with feelings of hate and revolt, love is not so far.

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