In the fight with 1%, and yet…

Instances like the tragically out of touch, but harmless, Pepsi advertisement fiasco from last week demonstrate that those you are competing against for success are preposterously flawed and less competent than yourself.

Those of us spoiled with education, health, safety and opportunities from the start of our lives, grow up to realize that, as our knowledge and capabilities approach full maturation, we are competing against a fraction of the population on this planet — the very few in the upper echelon. In the upper crust atop all the societies of the globe, where success means gainful employment to sustain biological and recreational appetites and some purpose sprinkled over, competition can seem enormously daunting and fierce. Relative to the world’s population, it isn’t.

Dozens of people share the task of producing an advertising campaign, digging deep to define it’s theme and premise, mocking it up to get buy-in from their own boss, and getting paid handsomely by any global measure. Yet what turns out is vapid drivel. Is this what people are referencing when they intimate the hardening affairs you’ll have to face and negotiate when you go out into the real world?

You need to know that when you go out there, where there’s nobody to cradle you and tell you you’re doing a good job, all you have is the strength of will and mind. Be relentless because it’s fierce and merciless in the real world.

That’s what I was thinking when I explored Pepsi on Twitter Explore this past week.

And that’s what I’m thinking now, watching Sean Spicer bumble his way through one of the most idiotic paths of English speak I’ve ever tried to decipher. In the industrialized world, where 25% of the population over the age of 25 has an advanced degree (Only one measure of potential for any type of success to be sure), we’re competing with a fraction of that group, and it’s still a struggle. It shouldn’t stop you however.

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