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In other news, work was mildly productive today, I had another lunch outside, crunched some more leaves, went to a community development meeting, and helped some people out today. Not too shabby.

I’ve spent this evening wondering where the line is between being sensitive and insensitive, usually I’m good at gauging where those limits exist but I’ve been having trouble lately. In a similar vector of thought, after having such a shitty funk-period, something inside me is telling me to stay focused on myself for a little while longer before externalizing again.

So check the website, bask in the beauty of a great Friday-eve, put on some Jack Johnson and just barrel on through to the weekend.

Play-by-play summary of the day:

  • Breakfast: made moves on some English Breakfast tea and nutella toast. Drafted emails and listened to Morning Edition.
  • Commute: Silent for a little while just enjoying the heat with the windows down. Morning peace can only last so long with the looming notion of a cubicle-bound day, though, so I blasted my workout playlist until I rolled into Nela Park[ing].
  • Prototyping: A frenzy of 8am emails in my inbox urged me to go to the metal shop and make the boss’s concepts a reality. He was pleased, and the swearing previously reserved for the problem relevant to the 8am emails was refocused on some other issue.
The fuckin guys at (insert plant name/other engineering office) are just busting my balls with these (insert topical issue or customer-complaint related problem) on this (insert product line acronym), it’s driving me nuts!
  • Wandering: In lockstep with said boss, we went on a warehouse safari searching for elusive defective fixtures. We found them. We swore about them. We devised a solution.
  • Hustling: I worked on side-projects (website, DFA, emails, dream motorcycle) until lunch to recover from the morning’s exertion. Lunch was taken outside, and involved consuming an entire personal pizza. I also found a deer.
  • Prototyping: According to boss-man, and less bossy boss-man, the hinges on certain fixtures just won’t do. I had some ideas, so I dremeled them up. Tepid reception, but I suppose I wasn’t infatuated with my own concept in the first place, so tit for tat.
  • Gobstoppers: Ate a lot of gobstoppers and peaced out of the cube farm.
  • Commute: Loud music, cranked the base, windows down, ignored the speed limit. It was nice. I wasn’t going that fast for all you mom-types. Just like five over, enough to be alone in my lane.
  • Meeting: Gobbled some hint of lime Tostitos before zipping off to a community meeting with the awesome people at the Slavic Village Maker’s District in Cleveland. An urban neighborhood revitalization program with some cool ideas, free beer, and motivated people. It was refreshing, and I learned that if you hustle hard enough, you can land a $40k grant from the city to buy/renovate disused buildings in the city.
  • Home: Took my clothes off, made a sandwich, and worked on the website.


Friday → Midwest Meetup. Michigan State here I come! Reunion with the DFAmily is imminent.

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