I’m adding another side hustle

A very intelligent individual who once told me (actually he was adressing a group, but for the sake of narrative-driven vanity let’s just say it was me) something along the lines of, “side hustles will save us all,” or “our side hustles change the world,” or “side hustles are the shit,” or “keep hustling,” or something.

Regardless of the verity of those grossly paraphrased statements, I think they’re all true. Side hustles are the shit.

So this is me declaring the beginning of a new side hustle. To keep all of y’all in the loop, there are currently a few hustles already in place:

The main hustle: a.k.a. “work,” currently a full time job at the glorious General Electric Company. I have a few pointed thoughts about the main hustle, but those will be for later. I’m telling myself that I’m studying engineering for a reason and that I should love working at the world’s largest (?) engineering firm. Should.

The windsurfing side hustle: I somehow got good enough at windsurfing to scare myself. Now I crave the adrenaline rush of strapping myself to a piece of fiberglass and battling the elements in an effort to go as fast as possible. It won’t be long before I break myself. This has developed out of my general hustling in water sports, so sailing and surfing are also included in this side hustle.

The motorcycle side hustle: The innate fascination of steering contained explosions between my legs finally got to me. Since I fixed a friend’s 80’s Yamaha over the summer, I have declared myself an expert mechanic and amd now the (proud?) owner of a BMW R50/5. Yes it’s from 1972. Yes it only has a kick start. It’s a diamond in the rough, okay?

The design side hustle: Design is a way of thinking that makes sense to me. The people who I have met through design make sense to me. The things I have created through design thinking make sense to me (and more importantly, to others). I run a student design studio to teach others design thinking and it makes sense to me. This is the hustle that ties some of my other hustles together.

The photography side hustle: I have a Nikon D90 from 2006 and it follows me everywhere.

The travel side hustle: I believe that staying in one place for too long stales one’s perspective. People are out there living lives so vastly different from mine and yours, but yet we still live on this same sunbathing rock. I’m lucky enough to be able to buy pieces of paper that allow me to be locked into high-speed aluminum tubes and go places faster than anyone ever imagined 50 years ago, so I’ll be damned if I sit on my ass in ‘Murica the whole time. America is nice though, don’t get me wrong.

The startup hustle: It’s like uber, but for razor scooters. WHO’S WITH ME?

And finally, the writing hustle: Although I may still be recovering from writing my common app essay two years ago, I’m gonna give this a shot.

Here’s the idea: in an attempt to make this a daily thing, I will be integrating writing into my evening ritual. Although the whole “ritual” thing sounds like a load of new age bullshit, I’m a 20 year old gay white male who drinks tea instead of coffee, rides a motorcycle, has worked for a small startup, abhors the concept of a career, and thinks that good design can change the world. I’m pretty much the epitome of new age bullshit. So I’m adding this to my evening ritual. I plan to post a daily retrospective, and since it sounds like a nice way to project positively into the future, I’ll also write about what the next day holds in store. You have just witnessed the birth of a new side hustle, enjoy!


This one’s gonna be short, raw, and positively pessimistic. And also full of oxymorons.

The bulk of today was exciting with a strong undercurrent of hilarity. Here’s the sich: as my friend Nolan and I sat at the Cleveland Tea Revival (awesome tea shop (shoppe?) for all you CLE folk) debating the merits of me getting a tattoo of the word “hustle” on my arm — I’m serious about this shit — a lady walked in and asked us if we wouldn’t mind helping her for a photo shoot going on outside. I cajoled Nolan into agreeing to help, and over the course of the next four hours, we debuted our respective male modeling careers. For a bike rental service. In Cleveland. Nolan decided that his “dark, brooding hipster look” was enough of a claim to fame to move to New York and go straight to the runway. We’re no longer friends.

Ultimately, though, we both ended up copping free ice cream from the nice bike rental service rep working the shoot (can’t complain with free ice cream) and told them to let us know when the billboards go up. Then we decided to hit up the local Taco joint, and finished off the day by cracking our laptops to finish the work we never started at the tea shop in the morning. Location of choice was a bar with a jukebox that we could blast Missy Elliott on, and productivity was enhanced by a cucumber vodka tonic (him) and a local red IPA (me).

Tonight ended with me realizing that none of my friends want to cuddle, despite the changing leaves and cooling weather, so I did what I usually do to compensate for momentary social dissatisfaction — started a new project. I’m a great snuggle buddy, though, so really they’re losing out here, and I’m gaining a sweet new side hustle.


Tomorrow is Monday.