Markets are about more than marketing.
Doc Searls

Customers as authors are finding the tools (Patreon and Distrokid) to route around the established media powers and apply the notion of “tipjars” to content distribution.

But is that enough?

P&Gs sales were down 15% last year and they blame the demise of soap operas (and NetFlix) as the reason. With housewives watching NetFlix instead of Soap Operas they’re not buying LESS matressees or razor blades, they’re buying direct from Casper ( and Dollar-Shave-Club (

So where does marketing fit in this new economy?

As Francine commented — directly asking customers for their needs is one way — and I believe that’s called VRM.

We’re working on a way for brands to sponsor content — directly — and let the author directly benefit from this sponsorship.

When I “publish” my Storytelling Bot — I choose who’s my sponsor — and I split the take 50%/50% with my Bot’s tool vendor.

Is that called marketing or a new form of advertising or what?

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