Here are my suggestions:
What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled
David Siegel

Hi, I agree with all of your recommendation, except for the dismissal of the UN driven work since 1972 to bring the climate topic on political agenda. Yes, UN has played a role — together with many other NGO, Corporations, scientists, journalists, etc — to raise the climate issue among other topics to be discussed. UN and IPCC have no power to act, but are helping policy makers to grasp the topic. UN and IPCC are not perfect — like Obama isn’t ‘a perfect dad nor a perfect president’ . Policy makers and the civil society have plenty of other means to understand what is at stake, your blog post being one of them, and I thank you for that.

If you ever read my comments, is the aim of your post just telling ‘decarbonisation isn’t the main issue’ ? If yes, IPCC 5AR state nothing else, and encourage policy makers to bring evolution to their agricultural model, to education, governance, to build upon indigenous knowledge, and so forth. IPCC never claim ‘our only enemy is CO2’, do they ?Maybe there is a misunderstanding of UN, IPCC, COP, compared to policy makers or governments, or compared to the scientific community, or even compared to the media and their agenda. Not being a US citizen, I cannot really speak about the last ; is it you main concern when writing this article ?

Regards, Marc