How Better Communication Brought Us to the Moon and what we can incorporate today.

One of the reasons why we landed on the Moon was the way of working of the NASA teams in the Apollo program under Wernher von Braun. They managed to get what many people deemed incredible done within what most thought an impossible time-frame…

I was thinking what I can contribute during these hard times. Startups, like other small businesses are going to be hit the hardest from the economic crisis we’re in. I know how to help founders with business, people, product/customer, and funding questions. Plus I’ve got a good bit of (business)…

‘Why are you not talking to me?’ Photo by William Martins (Flickr CC)


When was the last time you heard something like the following quote from a fellow Product person: “Let’s use this one, I like it better than the others”.

They may have just made the worst — and sadly also the most common — mistake in the entire domain of user…

Prototyping, pitching, feedback… at Google I/O

Many people don’t realize just *how* similar venture building and product building are. Though this realization can help save millions…

Allow me to make a tough statement here:

90% of all corporate product innovation efforts would not make it through Y Combinator’s basic pitch matrix.

I did a little re-write…

I originally put these together for a friend of mine, and she suggested sharing them with the product community. Great idea! I might add to them over time. Let me know what you think!

If you are interviewing product managers, this is for you:

  • Walk me through your toughest assignment

Do you think app stores are really going to die soon?

— — — — — — — — —

In this article, I would like to take a detour from talking about product and entrepreneurship without touching tech, and look at progressive web apps — and their claimed takeover…

source: xkcd “work”

Knowledge is power.

How does it balance continuous, incremental improvements with product breakthroughs? How does it weigh feature-based delights against potentially self-cannibalizing innovations in their product development cycle?

Let me break it to you: it’s okay for organizations to be risk-averse. I know, that sounds weird. Of course we all…

Lights out for Pleo

Famed tech startup Anki is closing down after raising more than $200m. When aspiring companies and products fail, we often blame that on “management”. I will use this and another hardware startup to try to make a point here today. …

Marc C Lange

New Business, Product & Startup Innovation | Founder, Design Sprint Master, Google Head Mentor, Space University Alumnus

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