The entire Democratic Party Leadership must change.
Wil Wheaton

Oddly, I choose not to count myself on a ‘side’. I am an American, subscribe to the American dream, embrace the American view point and I am still sure de Tocqueville had the right of it.

You see Americanism, or the act of being an American , has at its heart, the assumption we are all granted certain rights government can neither give, nor take away.

In my years as an American, I have seen assorted ‘sides’ being drawn, from ‘Flower Power and the sexual revolution’ of the early1960s to the deaths of students At Kent State less then 10 years later. An unending series of wars, from Vietnam to the current middle east, Americans have been sent, by their elected leaders to die, Die we have, as has our shock at the death of a human beings. Enter feminism and Roe V Wade. The more masculine women of the LGBTQ community (still in hiding) grabbed onto abortion like a infant to a teat, and to be obvious, milked it like a teat. Abortion was to be considered both rare and infrequent.

Today, abortion is a form of birth control, with literally millions of abortions conducted in the US, on both citizens and foreigners. So called ‘Anchor’ babies’ are being used to circumvent our laws concerning immigration, coupled with large numbers of illegal invaders entering our nation, going to ground and disrupting our social safety network, our laws, our precious right to vote and even diminishing our right to a civil and respectful society.

Europeans do not arrive here assuming they can defecate in the alleys, nor molest children, nor ignore our laws concerning everything from offering allegiance to our government to maintaining permission to operate a motor vehicle, and insuring the same. Spousal abuse, molesting of minors, pregnant children all have shown a marked increase as we see the so called ‘browning’ of America. The history of the Hispanic is radically different from that of the freemen from Great Britain.

When Hispanics immigrate, legally or illegally, the concept of ‘rights’ are not even part of their agenda. No seeking of the American dream, but rather economic dreams drive these minimally educated people who have been strongly indoctrinated in the Marxist-Socialist governments of Central and South America.

America, that is my ‘side.’ where Justice is blind, where I can practice the religion of my choice, where my speech can not be curtailed by those who disagree with me, and where my lot in life is determined primarily by myself.

Recently, America held an election over some fundamental points of conscience. The Illegal ‘Dreamers’ who demand an ever growing piece of the American pie, yet hold back their allegiance, the LGBTQ community who refuse to condemn or ostracize their cousins of NAMBLA, The rapacious and ever demanding Abortion mills seeking new meat for their processors, the LGBTQ members who insist on taking Christians to court, based on their beliefs, the Academics who have grown increasingly vengeful towards anyone who dares hold an opposing view were held up to America as the choice. stay the course, lets these in=American death squads continue to be more and more invasive in removing everything from our freedom of speech to our freedom of assembly.

Americans said NO! In a clear and resounding voice, NO! Today, in the year 2016, the pendulum begins its rightward swing. As far left as it went under the current president, you may well anticipate an equal rightward swing as its equivalent. For those other peoples, who live among us, those of us proud to be Americans, its time to leave, to go, to depart. Perhaps you recall what happened to the erstwhile elite in the revolutions of Europe, when the tumbrils began their trips to Madame la guillotine. It took them years to clean their house. Americans have long known how to be both logical and efficient. Streisand, Goldberg, Dunham, even you Captain American in your silly clothes with your un-American ideals need to leave.

In the meantime, I am learning to knit.

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