Netanyahu’s Folly.

Or how he has bungled nearly everything.


Source: The Hill.

I have been quite lazy, these past few weeks. Part of this is explainable by my being a slow and plodding thinker. But a friend (well, now an ex-friend), by constantly hammering at the most horrific details of the massacre of Israeli citizens (what is her motive in repeating, ad nauseam, the gruesome acts, each more horrific than the other? But then she was a criminal prosecutor for years and it was her job to hammer her evidence through), has succeeded in irritating me enough that it set the gears inside my head to turning. Sometimes, I need a kick in the butt. Plus, the fact that, having returned Sunday (it is now Tuesday) from a three-week road trip through middle France, my body is still on European time, I wake up early and have time to think things through.

So, I give you this piece, which, I realize is only a part of the situation in Israel and Gaza. I also assume that you are at least familiar with the major parts of the history of the place. If you are only a newbie on the subject, perhaps one of the most complex ones since the origins and causes of WW1, well then, I suggest you stop reading right here and increase your knowledge with the appropriate references. There are literally thousands of books on the market and more thousands of articles available for free. And if you are one of those people who come to me saying that you ‘have read a book,’ please leave. This article is not for you. Oh, and trolls and absolutists, please stay away. You won’t convince me that this situation is a black-and-white one, and you won’t make me change my mind by insulting me. If you wish to debate, then, go ahead. But better bring some solid arguments to the table, arguments based on facts — all the facts, not just the ones you cherry-picked and hope to convince me with.

The first argument my friend gave me was that “Israel has the right to exist.” She’s right. She should have stopped right there. But, like a witness who speaks too much for his/her own good, she added defeat to victory by saying, “In 685 BC, the land which Israel now occupies was already populated by Jews. It was only when they were deported forcefully by (whatever old king) that they left those lands.” Insert the sound of a loud and annoying buzzer here, before hearing a disembodied voice, “Wrong.”



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