Why is my smart TV so stupid when it comes to input?

When turning it on, the default input is the input I lastly used. So, let’s say I was watching cable. The input when turning the TV on is the cable input. Now, I want to play with my Playstation, so I turn it on. Right after starting, the HDMI input recieves a constant stream of data. But my TV ignores it. No automatic channel switching, no suggestion, not even an information or a notice. I really have to take my remote & switch the input manually.

Why is my smart TV so stupid? And it’s not just my TV. It’s the same with TVs in our meeting rooms. When having our daily and having a ‘walk the board’ we alwas have to switch the inputs manually, even though the data stream we provide is the only input the TV gets.

This doesn’t make any sense. Why are modern smart TVs missing this feature? Are there any smart TVs that have it? If not: why?

TV manufacturer: Please add this feature. You can then proudly call those devices smart.

All TVs mentioned in this article are no older than 2 years.

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