Untitled — About Code, Life, and Travel.

It seems like an eternity since I initially laid eyes on the first piece of computer code I ever came across.

I remember even now deciding to run it, for fun.

I wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to witness for myself what I had heard several people talk about, brag about, and ultimately dedicate their lives to.

I installed a compiler and typed with extreme care what I would later discover as C++. After what seemed like an eternity, I completed, the code”, so I ran it.

I sat in front of my computer screen and watched as they appeared in front of me. They were two (2) white words, written on a black background: “Hello World”. That got me hooked.

I couldn’t explain what had happened or why it had happened. But I have known ever since then that I could not stop doing this, and boy was I right.

Most people start computer programming because of that feeling they get upon creating something new. Others because they liked knowing things the majority of people could not fathom.

One thing is clear: programmers love learning new things. From those first few instructions, to the more advanced stuff, learning is how we keep from getting bored.

Along the way though, we get sidetracked trying to make to rent, trying to take care of our needs, of our families’ needs, so we get a stable job. We spend our days writing the same boring code, to perform the same boring tasks.

Our primary needs take precedence over our thirst for knowledge and we live in a state of emotional constipation.

The best career decision I have ever made was deciding to work full-time as a freelancer. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned my fair share of things working 9–5 jobs in boring offices. For someone like me though, someone who dreams of travelling the world. Someone who dreams of surfing in Australia, taking Corbet’s Couloir’s double-diamond ski run by storm, waking up in Cappadocia and running with the bulls in Pamplona (or at least watching from a safe distance), that simply isn’t enough.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Working as a freelancer comes with many challenges though. It can be difficult to maintain a consistent stream of contracts. One needs to be looking for new and interesting projects to embark upon, on a daily basis. Being a freelancer can be so challenging as to almost not be worth it.

Companies such as Toptal, X-Team, and many others, have the potential to ease the nomad lifestyle for developers. People such as myself can experience the Digital Nomad lifestyle to the fullest. We can live our dreams, work on the move, and have fun doing it.

They link top developers to the best projects from top companies. They make sure talented developers don’t need to compromise. They allow them to grow their skill set without having to give up on their freedom, their dreams.

For someone like me, the choice is clear.