We are living in uncertain times and we all are facing thoughts and feelings that we have not noticed before. A few weeks ago, we have been living our normal lives in which we squeeze in more than anyone can do in one day.

Within 2 weeks, the world is a different one. Whilst I am writing this, a quarter of the world’s population is living under lockdown, something most of us have never experienced before.

With this new situation also comes the fact that we have more time on our hands.

And what is interesting is that most of…

The world around us is changing and so is the way how we interact with each other and how we communicate in the workspace and in our private lives.

Today, more and more people are working remotely and companies are realising the benefits of having agile teams and flexible work environment.

In addition to that, I am writing this, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic.

COVID19 has a very huge impact on all our daily lives and how we manage our life and work.

Schools are closed, employers encourage people to work from home or governments…

The Grow Model for Coaching

Sir John Witmore gave us a lot of great tools. One of them is the GROW Model for coaching.

When we talk about leadership and change, coaching is at its very essential core.

There are a lot of things that we already know, but the right coach can be an incredibly powerful resource in bringing this back to the surface and encourage you to take action.

The GROW Model is a very helpful tool to coach in a very effective way.

It has 4 Stages:

  1. Goals
  2. Reality
  3. Options
  4. Way forward

Here, the responsibility for setting the goals rests with the…

One crucial thing is how you make decisions in your business.
Way too often we get carried away by taking decisions base don gut feeling without really looking at all the facts and factors.

Although in today’s fast-paced work environment, it is sometimes crucial to make speedy decisions, you should take the time to really think about the impact and if this decision really supports your overarching goal and direction.

A leaders task is to make and implement decisions. I learned the hard way that inclusiveness is a crucial factor in decision making.

In the past, I have made decision…

Are you familiar with Leadership capabilities? Here are some crucial Capabilities every leader needs to succeed. In our ever so fast-changing world, there are countless important skills and capabilities you need but it’s good to start with the important basics that every leader should have in the toolbox…

1. Develop the business and deliver results

It is about focusing on and understanding customers and their life, seeing the big picture as well as the details — both today and tomorrow. …

Marcel Ruttgers

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