Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

So you spent all of five days in a posh mountain resort and feel qualified to write about the true nature of a country or its inhabitants? How very humble of you…

This article barely touched on even the stereotypical aspects of Switzerland and thus is flawed in so many aspects.

Switzerland undoubtedly has its social issues, such as the lack of diversity

Again, how would you know? And lack of diversity, seriously?

Close to quarter of the entire population are “foreigners”. Four official languages and three distinctly different cultures (Italian in the south, French in the west and German-like in the rest) and you call this lack of diversity?

I only noticed one person of color.

Does the color of my skin have to be noticeably different from yours in order for me to qualify for contributing to diversity? This feels like a very shallow concept to me.

Spend some time in cities rather than in rural areas or the mountains and you’ll notice (yeah, skin color…) diversity everywhere. In that Switzerland is no different than other countries. Geneva, home of many UN organizations, for example is full of persons of color — as if white weren’t a color too.

the schools in Gstaad have mandatory sports

That’s not unique to Gstaad. Sports is mandatory in all public schools. Yet, even Switzerland is plagued by rising (child) obesity levels.

the intolerance that some Swiss have for anyone who is not “traditionally Swiss.”

I doubt you’d find reliable sources to actually verify this. The high level of bi-national marriages suggest otherwise. In my experience it’s more intolerance for anyone taking advantage of the many benefits Switzerland has to offer without equally contributing to it in return.