Requirements vs. opportunities

Clients often learn a single thing from the highly paid consultants, advisers and even family members when they want to build a website or app. “Make sure your requirements are met (and don’t pay a penny before the Facebook button is bigger)!”

Sure, requirements are an easy way to measure the success of an abstract design project. “Did you finish the user stories?”, “Is there a disclaimer?”, “What about a slider for our images on the first page?” but those are hardly an incentive for any designer to give it their best.

If you focus on the requirements you’ll likely end up with something uninspired at its core. Something without a ‘soul’. Instead of focusing on just the requirements, think about opportunities for the designer or design agency instead. Ask them to build something award winning or tell them if this works out you’ll have a bunch more work waiting.

You’ll find that real creatives often don’t care about the costs when there are other opportunities to pursue. Even though design work is considered expensive in reality many designers undercharge for most of their work. YouTube is filled with talks to teach young designers to stop charging $10/hour so they can finally pay their rent.

You’ll have to persuade creatives to give it their best by making it an interesting project for them as well. Tell them how ‘awesome’ the design is before telling them the Facebook button is too small and the next iteration will probably be more mind-blowing than the last.

Creativity can’t be bought, it can only be gained.