At my current company ABOUT YOU, we have to deal with huge amounts of data, especially in our databases and often we have to check out our performance and costs over and over again, to get the last piece of improvement or DB size reduction.
One of the things doing the trick in most of our cases is the right usage of indexes and the knowledge about it.

In the following article, I explain indexes based on MYSQL 5.7 (more common) with InnoDB as an engine. This can also work for MariaDB >10 or other versions of MYSQL 5.7 …

From my experience of working with PHP, it can be really painful if you work with objects and arrays. One of the many errors in PHP is the “Undefined Index” notice. I assume that every developer encountered that already. There are several ways of preventing this in PHP, and besides the general and probably already known ways, I want to show you how laravel can support you there, by using the build-in array and object helpers.

What Possibilities Do I Have in PHP?

PHP has a variety of checks that can be done before working with arrays and objects. Just to mention a few we go with…

Every developer was at that point of searching desperately for the right naming for classes. If I have to guess, I would say I already spent several hours over the last years in finding good ones.

Isn’t it ridiculous to waste so much time for such a task? As everyone, including me, wants to write “THE” master piece of code or the next level of architecture, we should spend the time for coding, not for searching!

But enough is enough. I was tired of this and over the years I gained a small collection of names which I find really…

I am working since version 4.2 with Laravel and I am still a big fan of it. Of course over the years I learned a lot about it, ran into issues, was cursing, but still I am excited to check out what is coming up next.

One of the exciting features Laravel provides is the view composer. In my opinion a really powerful view extension which allows the developer to pass variables from a global point to the template.

How can I make use of view composers?

First of all you need to know that there are two different types of view composers. Class based and Closure Based.

Optimize your workflow by using DataTables instead of Excel sheets

Why we do what we do

Perhaps you are familiar with Excel sheets (.csv, .xls) and how unwieldy they become when the dataset grows to a certain point. We’ve decided to optimize our processes by using HTML tables to show our users the revalued data instantly in our application. Here, I will explain how we optimized our code by increasing MySQL performance, handling a huge http response, and made our users happier by using fancy HTML table plugins instead of boring Excel reports.

In this article I will explain how we optimized our code by increasing MySQL performance, handling huge HTTP responses and how to make…

Marcel Domke

Tech Lead — Control Panels at ABOUT YOU GmbH Employed since 01.06.2015

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