Kim Kardashian suggests that her sponsored Instagram is photo shopped.

In this article of Mashable, Kim Kardashian had gotten in trouble for endorsing a morning sickness drug that resulted in her getting in trouble with the FDA. Originally, Kardashian has posted a photo that violated regulations by the FDA because of what it was advocating. Once her new photo was posted, the public realized that she had taken down her original one. This new Instagram photo was different than the first in that the latter was identifying the possible drug risks of the consumers.

As a celebrity, it is important to keep in mind that advertising for an unhealthy product could result in harming the public. Celebrities have the ability to glorify consumer products through more than just commercials. Today, social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow the public to view the reality of celebrities and artists at the press of a button.

Personally, I have seen artists that I love advertise a product and I will typically look into buying this product. If Kim Kardashian is suggesting that she didn’t actually create this picture, It makes you wonder if someone has the power to do this to celebrities photos without their consent. If this is the case, how often does this happen and is it something we should be worried for as a public.

Kim Kardashian has been notorious for negative exposure. Should our society discredit an advertisement by a celebrity with a poor reputation? This article reveals the huge impacts that one celebrity can have on our consumer purchases.

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