The Times Square snowboarding video: Why it went viral
christopher carfi

Great Article! I love that you brought the point that Casey Neistat’s “virality” is not mere luck but it’s opportunity that took off from years of hard work and preparation.

Like everybody else I also wanted to add something so people scrolling through the responses can get even more information out of this article.

Regarding Monetization (Step 10), I think it’s not so much of an explicit call but it’s because the main video is published in Casey’s Channel while the behind the scene is published in Jesse’s Channel. Casey never (or have yet to) monetizes any of his videos. Meanwhile Jesse monetizes his videos.

In regards to why the videos are uploaded that way, this recalls the Aladdin video that they did not long ago (which also went viral with a bit less than 15 million views) where Jesse was the main protagonist while Casey did most of the shooting. I think they’re taking turns with this one.

Bottom line, both YouTubers — amazing YouTubers — are just doing what they love best and sharing it with the world!

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