This new mission from Iron Hack involves Design Thinking process having as a client…

Whole Bank offers a different ways to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

The Problem

Whole Bank detected that the conventional Credit/Debit System shows big inconveniences for traveling customers. Customers depend on the card to be able to get money from the ATM machines or to make payments. But traveling, a lot of things may happen:

  • Customers may lose their cards
  • Some shops don’t allow credit/debit card payments
  • Physical cards are susceptible to damage. Cards’ chips, magnetic bands, and contactless technology can deteriorate during the trip.

Design Thinking Process


There is not…

Invision is a prototyping and workflow tool. It’s helpful to share in real-time on the screen the interactions of your mockups for your wireframes, making the design process more effective and having better feedback from the users.

After creating the wireframes from Emov app, Iron Hack challenged us to discover this new app for me and give ‘life’ to those wireframes. You are welcome to test it…

How to navigate?

  1. Click on this link (
  2. Your first view will be the landing page, click on it
  3. A map opens with your actual location, you have 3 icons on top…

This mission was unusual than the process we “should” follow designing a mobile application, this one was taking a step back of the view.

Emov is a mobile app to rent an electric car for short periods of time (car sharing).

As you can see the application is done. The mission was to elaborate Hi-Fi, black and white wireframes. Coming back to black & white, saving the consistency in 7 mobile app screens.

Going throw this new adventure becoming UX Designer, one of the skills you the most develop during this traverse is BE OPEN MINDED. I think having new experiences always will be good, even if you didn’t like them, at least you try once.

But it was a little bit hard for me to change some methods of work, when the ones I already have totally works. But how about if you give it the chance at least once…you will be surprised of what you are capable of.

This new mission from Iron Hack was to reply this mobile application on…

My first mission becoming as a UX Designer at Iron Hack was to take visual notes of this TED Talk by Margaret Stewart How Giant Websites Design For You.

So, probably you might say, “What a heck with that tittle?, It makes nonsense!” Well I’m going to explain you why.

When I was a child I have to say I wasn’t the best student. My mom use to be called by the teachers telling her I have to do homework, my grades were pretty bad and I looked distracted pretty often. So, nothing personal with my teachers, just I…

Marcelina Díaz

Visual Designer / Student of UX Design at Iron Hack Paris.

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