This mission was unusual than the process we “should” follow designing a mobile application, this one was taking a step back of the view.

Emov is a mobile app to rent an electric car for short periods of time (car sharing).

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As you can see the application is done. The mission was to elaborate Hi-Fi, black and white wireframes. Coming back to black & white, saving the consistency in 7 mobile app screens.

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Designing in grayscale before adding color simplifies the most complex element of visual design and forces you to focus on spacing and laying out elements.

As Erik D. Kennedy says in 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI — “design black and white first. Start with the harder problem of making the app beautiful and usable in every way, but without the aid of color.”

Color can help to give personality to your app making of it a great design, but it won’t make a bad design good (following Margaret Stewart’s words). I’m a big fan of working in black and white first, It helps you to give better structure to your ideas, plus it will save you time. You can be sure if it looks great in b&w, the rest (images, colors, icons, etc.) are gonna make it even better!

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Visual Designer / Student of UX Design at Iron Hack Paris.

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