Invision is a prototyping and workflow tool. It’s helpful to share in real-time on the screen the interactions of your mockups for your wireframes, making the design process more effective and having better feedback from the users.

After creating the wireframes from Emov app, Iron Hack challenged us to discover this new app for me and give ‘life’ to those wireframes. You are welcome to test it…

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How to navigate?

  1. Click on this link (
  2. Your first view will be the landing page, click on it
  3. A map opens with your actual location, you have 3 icons on top: Hamburger Menu (left), Filter and Search (right)
  4. Pressing the Hamburger Menu Icon, you would be able to Register or Login if you have already an account.
  5. Registration button take you to fill a form up with your personal information to create an account.
  6. By Login button you open your profile created.
  7. Filter Icon you choose the options depending your needs. It will take you to a form with information based on the type of filter you realized.

Created for designers, by designers.

Written by

Visual Designer / Student of UX Design at Iron Hack Paris.

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