Going throw this new adventure becoming UX Designer, one of the skills you the most develop during this traverse is BE OPEN MINDED. I think having new experiences always will be good, even if you didn’t like them, at least you try once.

But it was a little bit hard for me to change some methods of work, when the ones I already have totally works. But how about if you give it the chance at least once…you will be surprised of what you are capable of.

This new mission from Iron Hack was to reply this mobile application on Sketch.

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As a graphic designer, my heart belongs to Adobe, specially Illustrator. Which it was hard change my methodology and BE OPEN MINDED. But here is the result…

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With this I proved one more time, the tool doesn’t make the artist, the tool is just a tool, in this case the tool is a software and you are capable to develop skills to make it works for you. Sketch is a great one!

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Visual Designer / Student of UX Design at Iron Hack Paris.

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