There isn’t such a thing as a ‘bad idea’

This new mission from Iron Hack involves Design Thinking process having as a client…

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Whole Bank offers a different ways to save and manage money by giving customers innovative options such as virtual currencies.

The Problem

Whole Bank detected that the conventional Credit/Debit System shows big inconveniences for traveling customers. Customers depend on the card to be able to get money from the ATM machines or to make payments. But traveling, a lot of things may happen:

  • Customers may lose their cards
  • Some shops don’t allow credit/debit card payments
  • Physical cards are susceptible to damage. Cards’ chips, magnetic bands, and contactless technology can deteriorate during the trip.

Design Thinking Process


There is not better way to empathize with the users than listening to them. In this case I prepared an interview to find answers to the next questions, starting from introducing myself…

  1. Do you travel abroad? If so, how often do you travel abroad?
  2. How do you make payments when you travel abroad?
  3. What payment method do you use when you are abroad?
  4. Why is ___________ your prefered payment method?
  5. Tell me about the last time you tried to pay for something?
  6. Did you have problems? What was the problem?
  7. How did you solve the problem? How did it make you feel?
  8. If you could change one thing about the process of making payments abroad, what it would be?

After making the interviews I could see 3 common desires:

  • They would like to avoid pay fees, mostly when those are expensive.
  • Their expectations are having a good exchange rate.
  • They need to feel their money and information are safe.


After the interviews, the ideas just started to pop-up! and I realized how important is to listen your users. Listening to them will make your ideas be based on what they really need and not how cool or fancy it looks.

Finding solutions was a very interesting process: one of them was in based on Nosedive season 3, episode 1 of Black Mirror. In this universe the main character interacts with others, giving them rates based on judgement throw their phones as a tool.


What I found interesting about this episode, is the way the universe interacts to give a rate. First, they slide the rate (number of starts) and then they slide pointing the person who they are rating.

What it made me think, “How about if we pay the same way?”. I found this technology is already implemented, it is called Contactless.


Thanks to the smartphones era, we are able to manage different personal accounts throw our cellphones. This is one of many solutions.

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Most of the banks have their own mobile apps to keep informed the moves of the bank accounts of their customers. So, if one of the main problems was the chip of the card got break, my card was robed or there is not ATM close. I think having the chip information of your card in you bank mobile application would give solution to an awkward situation.

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Goals achieve:

  • The users won’t depend of a physical card to realize their payments, independent of the country they are visiting.
  • The users will be aware of the money they are spending in their currency when they are traveling abroad.
  • For added security, the users must confirm every purchase.
  • The users will be notified of their current balance in their accounts after they valid each purchase, that way the users will be conscious of how much they are spending.
  • The users can check anytime the moves of their bank accounts.
  • Since the bank information is in the mobile app. The users won’t need to add data every time they are purchasing for a product or service.

When we talk about Design Thinking, exists so many and different ways to give solutions to our problems, even if they crazy and that’s why there is not such a thing as a ‘bad idea’.

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Visual Designer / Student of UX Design at Iron Hack Paris.

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