How important is content marketing these days?

How important is content marketing these days?

we at no limit we empower ourself and our partners to create and distribute creative and unique content across the marketing channels they have, here is a great example how marketing changed:



find the right environment for your brand and product

first it is critical to understand who is your customer, based on this you are able to come up with creative content, so that this customer will be engaged with you and also motivate others to be engaged with your brand or product. (virality)

does content marketing always work?

we would say yes, but we have also seen several partners burning a lot of money with simply not engaging enough content, so there for you have to make it engaging unique, and then it pays off. If you want to receive maximum output with minimal input, you should rather start doing google adwords or search for affiliate partners.

but how can you evaluate what works and what does not work? (see how does lead generation works)

try as much as possible with a small budget and you will see what simply works good and what does not work good. concentrate on the performers and give them some more time and budget to develop a wider audience. If you are not sure about this, let us know your problems, we would love to help you out.

how expensive is content marketing?
you can let some one write a blog post with your briefing for 25 USD, let it have some unique illustrations for further 20–50 USD and try to deliver it to as many people as possible. 10 days for 3 USD each, highly targeted please.

you should have your first conversion, please make sure that you are able to track everything inside your page or application, as otherwise you will be missing the „check“ cycle of above mentioned graphic.

do you think content marketing can be outsourced?
yep, we highly recommend this step, as you team should be busy focusing on the product or service. but make sure that you are in deep contact with the people who are responsible for your content marketing, as for instance in all the team members are invited to share their ideas or example of car photos which can be usefull for the content marketeers to make some stories for your brand.

if you have competition, see what works for them and adjust them, its simple. Try to convince them with a better customer support, service and maybe price. they will love you for that.

listen to your audience, they will tell you what they are more likely to engage with and what will be just a waste of time. See also: How important is customer support for a brand? Check it out at Zendesk

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